Narrow Glide Special

By 9 June 2020Projects

Narrow Glide Special

Somtimes you have to build something for your own.

I started to build this bike to make a good driver for long distance and lots of performance. But ill wanted to give the bike a slim and “ instant speed look” like the early drag race bikes.

To create that look , ill narrowed the rear section of the frame 2 inches ( 5 cm) and made a new swing arm for it ,  to fit the narrow rear frame. To give the bike  a racy look, ill made a lot of the parts from aluminum (oil tank, gas tank ,oil tank, rear tail section ,  wheels and many more) and put no chrome on it.

A very good front fork with big dual brake calibers. And for a clean and open look a sprocket brake in the rear.

Du a lot of work and moving to a bigger shop location it took 6 years to reach the finish line.

But the bike is finished now, just before upcoming summer. …


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