Narrow Glide Special

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Narrow Glide Special

Somtimes you have to build something for your own.

I started to build this bike to make a good driver for long distance and lots of performance. But ill wanted to give the bike a slim and “ instant speed look” like the early drag race bikes.

To create that look , ill narrowed the rear section of the frame 2 inches ( 5 cm) and made a new swing arm for it ,  to fit the narrow rear frame. To give the bike  a racy look, ill made a lot of the parts from aluminum (oil tank, gas tank ,oil tank, rear tail section ,  wheels and many more) and put no chrome on it.

A very good front fork with big dual brake calibers. And for a clean and open look a sprocket brake in the rear.

Du a lot of work and moving to a bigger shop location it took 6 years to reach the finish line.

But the bike is finished now, just before upcoming summer. …


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Project Shovelution

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Project Shovelution

Jeroen’s Shovelution


This project is inspired on a sort of lane splitter Shovel.

The start was a Honda CBR 900 RR front fork. The bike must have good brakes and performance.

The frame is modified to a drop seat tail. Complete custom made swing arm, fender, exhaust system, foot controls, oil tank and many more you not see immediately. Total we spent 300 ours’s to reach the finish line……

A special custom made 21”front wheel with narrowed hub made this bike brake and steer like a razor.

The result is a very good handling bike to ride sportive.

Special mixed color and Alcantara seat made this a unique bike, And its currently for sale!!

So you to come and take a look? No problem you’re welcome!

Early Knuckle

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Project Early Knuckle

Project Winghead Harry


Another bike in the famous line of Wingheads specials. But again with a personal touch in every bike.

This project we build for a good friend of me.

He wants a nostalgic look , like old barn find bikes. So very less chrome and vintage materials.

A sort of bobber / chopper look with minimalistic details.

16” in the rear and 19” in the front. An ‘I “beam springer makes the prefect nostalgic look.

Of course Wingheads on an original early shovel engine.

Engine is complete rebuild, balanced. Hand shift 4-speed tranny.

Bike is currently under construction, so more pictures to follow…

FXR Clubstyle

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FXR Pro touring (clubstyle) project

FXR Clubstyle


This project we build for a customer that wants a lightweight and good steering, braking motorcycle with lots of power performance.

He already ride an very old Harley-Davison panhead , and hade a streetglide for longer distance and comfort. But he wanted an light, better steering bike and so came the idea to build this FXR.

It has an blueprinted engine that we build in house for perfect performance. Big dual disk brakes from Wilwood. Ohlins front and rear suspension. 6 speed gearbox.

Al lot of modifications make this a perfect bike for fast and longer distances.

Interested in such a bike?……………ask Wingpalace

Project Frank

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Project Frank

This bike we build for Frank


Frank came with a wish to customize his old Yamaha.

After a good look and talk about the Yamaha, we decide that is was better to build an personalized Harley.

Frank was very clear, he wants an very clean look with an midsize rear tire. Less chrome and a good sit, steering and handling bike.

And with an vintage character.

So this is the result….

Ideas for your bike??? Come in and have also an good conversation..